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family friendly outdoor activities in brisbane

9 Best Brisbane Outdoor Activities for Families

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You're in Brisbane with your family and you're itching to get out and explore. You've got your sun hats, water bottles, and adventurous spirit. Is there anything better? We don't think so.

That's why we've compiled a list of the 9 best outdoor activities for families in Brisbane. From koala cuddling to island hopping, your family's sure to have a blast.

Read on and start planning your unforgettable Brisbane adventure today!

Exploring South Bank Parklands

Dive right into your family adventure with a day spent exploring the expansive South Bank Parklands, one of Brisbane's top spots that's chock-full of fun for all ages.

Here, you'll find a blend of natural beauty, cultural performances, and thrilling activities. Don't miss the Parkland festivals that transform the park into a vibrant, bustling hub of entertainment. You'll be captivated by live music, street performers, and art installations.

The cultural performances are a sight to behold, with traditional dances, music, and storytelling that'll give you a taste of Australia's rich heritage. And there's more – the park boasts a man-made beach, a gorgeous arbour, and lush picnic spots.

Visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you're looking for a truly unique Australian experience, you can't miss visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This sanctuary, a leader in koala conservation, offers an unforgettable koala encounter, where you can hold one of these adorable creatures.

The sanctuary offers a variety of activities designed for family fun and education, including:

  • Koala encounter:
  • Get up close and personal with a koala, and yes, you can cuddle one too!
  • Learn about koalas, their habitat, and threats they face.
  • Sanctuary conservation efforts:
  • Engage in interactive displays and presentations about the sanctuary's conservation work.
  • Get involved by adopting a koala or making a donation.

Cycling Around Brisbane River

After you've cuddled a koala, another must-try activity with your family is cycling around Brisbane River, offering a refreshing way to explore the city's beauty. Bike rentals are readily available, providing you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride along the river's serene banks.

The river bridges, like the iconic Story Bridge, promise breathtaking views of the skyline. As you pedal, you'll take in a unique perspective of the city, making unforgettable memories. You don't have to be an expert cyclist either, paths are well-maintained and cater to all skill levels.

Picnicking at Roma Street Parkland

You'll be captivated by the breathtaking scenery at Roma Street Parkland, making it the perfect backdrop for a family picnic.

With a variety of family-friendly spots to choose from, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon while the kids play.

Plus, its central location in Brisbane makes it easily accessible, ensuring you won't have to travel far for your outdoor adventure.

Parkland's Breathtaking Scenery

The vibrant greenery of Roma Street Parkland offers you an ideal spot to lay out a picnic blanket and spend a relaxing day with your family.

Here, you'll discover breathtaking views that are perfect for scenic photography. Flora identification becomes an exciting adventure as you encounter a variety of native and exotic plants.

The parkland's features include:

  • The Spectacle Garden, where flowers bloom in vivid colours.
  • The tranquil Lake Precinct, where ducks paddle peacefully.

Savour the beauty of nature, capture unforgettable moments, and learn about different species of flora. The park's expansive green spaces, numerous shady trees, and calming water bodies create an atmosphere of tranquillity.

It's an unparalleled experience, offering much more than just a picnic spot.

Family-friendly Picnic Spots

In the heart of Roma Street Parkland, you'll find the perfect spot for a family-friendly picnic. This lush oasis provides scenic spots under shaded trees, ideal for laying your picnic blanket. Don't forget your picnic essentials – a basket filled with sandwiches, fruits, and your favourite snacks. Maybe even a frisbee or ball for some post-lunch fun!

Keeping food hygiene outdoors in mind is crucial. Ensure your food is properly packed to avoid spoilage under the sun. Consider packing items in a cooler, especially during Brisbane's hotter months. Clean hands before eating, and remember to pack your rubbish out.

Enjoying a picnic at Roma Street Parkland isn't just about the food, it's about creating lasting memories with your loved ones amidst nature's beauty.

Roma Street Accessibility

Getting to your picnic spot at Roma Street Parkland couldn't be easier, thanks to its central location and excellent public transport links. You've got a variety of options, all designed to make your journey as simple as possible:

  • Public Transportation:
  • By Bus: Several bus routes stop near the park, including CityGlider services.
  • By Train: Roma Street Station is just a short stroll away.

Disabled Access:

  • Wheelchair-friendly paths: The park boasts numerous accessible paths, making it easy to navigate.
  • Accessible restrooms: You can find these across the park, ensuring comfort for all.

Hiking at Mount Coot-tha

Get ready to strap on your hiking boots and take your family on an adventure up Mount Coot-tha. With varying trail difficulty levels, there's a path suitable for everyone, from the little ones to the seasoned explorers.

Keep your eyes peeled along the way, as you'll get plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife, making the hike even more exciting.

Trail Difficulty Levels

You'll find a variety of trail difficulty levels at Mount Coot-tha, ensuring everyone in the family can enjoy their hiking adventure. From gentle slopes to challenging climbs, there's a perfect path for all ages and abilities.

But before you hit the trails, it's important to consider trail preparation and to pack your hiking essentials.

  • Trail Preparation:
  • Beginners: Stick to the well-marked paths.
  • Experienced Hikers: Try the challenging Honeyeater track.
  • Hiking Essentials:
  • Sun protection: Brisbane's sun can be harsh, don't forget your hat and sunscreen.
  • Hydration: Carry ample water for everyone in the family.

Remember, the right preparation and gear will make your hiking experience at Mount Coot-tha both safe and enjoyable.

Happy hiking!

Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

In addition to exploring different trails, while hiking at Mount Coot-tha, you're bound to encounter diverse wildlife, turning your family outing into an exciting animal spotting adventure. This location is a hidden gem for birdwatching, with a myriad of species flitting through the treetops. Don't forget to pack your binoculars!

When night falls, the mountain transforms into a hotspot for discovering nocturnal animals. From brushtail possums to sugar gliders, you'll see creatures that come alive under the cover of darkness. With well-marked trails and plenty of information boards along the way, you'll learn about the animals' habits and habitats as you trek. So, pack your torches and let Mount Coot-tha introduce your family to the wilder side of Brisbane's outdoors.

Enjoying City Botanic Gardens

Exploring the City Botanic Gardens offers your family a unique blend of natural beauty and tranquility right in the heart of Brisbane. You'll discover a paradise of vibrant flowers and lush greenery, while also having the opportunity to partake in Botanic workshops.

Here, you can:

  • Learn about various plant species, their care, and how they contribute to the ecosystem.
  • Try your hand at Floral photography, capturing the stunning views and intricate details of exotic blooms.

The Gardens aren't just for leisurely walks. Kids can also enjoy:

  • Playgrounds nestled among the trees.
  • Fun, educational programs to foster their love for nature.

It's a mesmerizing experience, offering both relaxation and enrichment. So, grab your camera, prepare to learn, and let nature's beauty captivate you.

Day Out at Moreton Island

Looking for an unforgettable adventure? Try spending a day at Moreton Island, where you're sure to find a wealth of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Dive into the crystal-clear waters and experience the thrill of snorkelling. Explore the stunning underwater world, filled with vibrant coral reefs and a plethora of marine life. It's a snorkelling experience you won't forget.

For a change of scenery, head to the island's sandy slopes. Here, you'll find the sand tobogganing fun you've been seeking. Feel the wind in your hair as you zoom down the dunes, a rush of excitement coursing through your veins.

Moreton Island truly is a haven of family fun and adventure, a perfect day out from Brisbane.

Adventure at Riverlife Adventure Centre

If you're up for it, you can kick off your family's adrenaline-fueled escapade at Riverlife Adventure Centre. This hotspot in Brisbane offers outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. You'll get to bond, create memories and challenge yourselves in a fun and safe environment.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Kayaking experiences
  • Gentle river paddling for beginners
  • Challenging courses for the adventurous
  • Rock climbing adventures
  • Beginner-friendly walls to conquer
  • Advanced routes for climbing enthusiasts

Whether it's navigating the river's edge or scaling new heights, Riverlife ensures a unique experience. They've got all the gear you need, plus safety briefings before each activity. So, don't hesitate to give it a go. It's sure to be a family adventure you won't forget.

Discovering Queensland Museum & Sciencentre

After an adrenaline-packed day at Riverlife Adventure Centre, you'll find the Queensland Museum & Sciencentre perfect for a change of pace, offering both education and entertainment under one roof.

You'll be amazed by the variety of interactive displays that engage kids and adults alike. From dinosaur fossils to indigenous artifacts, there's a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored. You can also opt for educational tours that provide fascinating insights into Australia's rich cultural and natural history.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, this place serves as a haven to foster your kids' curiosity and learning. So, don't miss this opportunity to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones at the Queensland Museum & Sciencentre.

It's more than just a museum; it's an adventure waiting to happen.


In the heart of Brisbane, adventure awaits for every family. Whether you're basking in the tranquillity of South Bank Parklands, or getting your adrenaline pumping at Riverlife Adventure Centre, there's no shortage of outdoor fun.

Feel the city's pulse as you cycle around Brisbane River, or unravel its secrets at Queensland Museum. So pack your picnic, tighten your hiking boots, and get ready to create unforgettable memories in Brisbane's great outdoors.

Remember, in this vibrant city, every day is a new adventure.

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